Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And the winner is... (Me, obviously, because it's my blog)

Days left on the road: 0
Days left in the office: 7

Since it's my final day of actual roadrunning, I thought I would commemorate the event with some superlatives. In no particular order, I present to you:

Winner of the License Plate Game:
9996. Hardly an accomplishment.

Most Reinforced Stereotype:
Old people drive really slowly. Whenever I passed a car that was going ten miles below the speed limit, it was almost always a senior citizen. I always felt guilty for stereotyping... and frustrated with the reinforcement of the stereotype... but seriously, old people, please drive faster.

Biggest Driving Pet Peeve:
Hi, New Jersey drivers. Allison here. Just wanted to give you one small note: If you're making a right turn, get to the right of the lane so cars behind you can pass on your left. If you're making a left turn, get to the left so cars can pass on your right. It's not really that complicated.

Most Awkward Visit:
This is a toss up. Chatting with the schizoid guidance counselor a few weeks ago made me feel awkward in places I wouldn't normally associate with that emotion. But I also had an awkward girl one of my first days on the road who asked a billion and one questions from a list and wanted to know statistics that I doubt exist. That was less of a palpable awkwardness, though, so schizoid guidance counselor probably wins.

Most Delightful Visit:
I think it's a testament to humanity that I really couldn't say. (Sappy moment, bear with me here.) I met a lot of really fun, adorable kids who would be a great fit for our school. I also met a lot of hilarious kids who would never ever attend, but entertained me thoroughly.

Most Traumatic Moment:
I think we all know.

Best Road Food:
You can probably guess this one, too.

Best Destination:
Bethlehem, PA. It is tied for my favorite date night, and I could actually see myself living there.

Best Road Music:
Lately the Glee soundtrack has been an amazing road companion. Except of course for "Bust A Move," which I would obviously never rock out to ever. Never. The Avett Brothers were pretty fantastic as well since there was a nice mix of slow and fast songs. (In official terms, Kick Drum Heart = <3<3<3)

Most Surprising Realization:

I don't hate high school students. It's actually pretty cool to work with them when they're going through the college process. (This might just be me wanting to live vicariously through them.) Also, I always thought I would be more comfortable sitting around a conference table with a smaller group, but I found that the visits I did best at were when I was standing in front of larger groups and talking. I think it's because I fell into a teachery role then and was more take-charge. So I can totally take charge if I want to. (That being said, I will be so upset if after all this I decide I want to teach. So. Upset.)

Realization That Isn't All That Surprising, But Good to Know:

I really am okay by myself. I've always been relatively independent, and I liked having alone time, but I was still worried that I would get lonely or bored on the road. Apparently not. I officially feel at ease doing basically anything by myself: restaurants, movies, museums, live performances, etc. I'm actually a little afraid that I've become schizoid.

Thing I Will Miss Most:

Ending my day by 2 p.m. I am officially ruined for other employers. And being able to do what I want when I want. I am officially ruined for other human beings.

Most Annoying Group of Students:

On principle, it would be the forensic scientists. Seriously kids, just because you watch CSI does not mean you should base your entire college search on an unrealistic desire to be Gil Grissom. A close second would be the Music Education kids who don't realize that studying music
and education isn't any different and thus needlessly eliminate a billion colleges from their search.

Most Annoying Group of Humans:


Best Midday Nap:
That would have to be when I dozed off for half an hour in the parking lot of a catholic high school. Not sketchy at all.

Scariest Auto Issue:
It actually was not my flat tire on the turnpike. I got the most freaked out today while driving a school van when I saw the temperature symbol light up. Or, to be more accurate, when I thought I saw the temperature symbol light up and hadn't yet realized that the symbol is actually a permanent fixture on the car. Go me.

Most Useful Skill I Learned:
How to profile shopping plazas to determine if a Panera is located within. (I can also profile kids now and determine how great a match they would be for the college, but it's completely useless for me at this point.)

Skill I Wish I Learned:
I still cannot pack well. I don't think I'll ever master that.

Best Go-To Outfit:
Dress and tights. Warm and comfy and fuss-free. Or brown dress pants and white cowl neck sweater. Also warm and comfy and fuss-free.

Best Thing About the End of Roadrunning:
No more packing my room every time I needed to change hotels. It wasted precious minutes when I could have been sleeping in.

Place I'm Most Likely to Revisit:
I will be taking my kids on vacation to the Jersey Shore. I loved it. (And what kid doesn't like statues of James A. Garfield?!)

And that, my friends, is three months of my life, in a nutshell. I will continue to update with my office anecdotes, and when I do whatever it is I'm doing next. But this post shall live in infamy as the last official confession of a roadrunner. Are you crying? It's okay if you are.

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  1. oh my god, i am crying, just a little bit. i can't believe it's over. please start a blog about a president or something.