Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You really are fantastic

Days left on the road: 1
Days left in the office: 7

Since my Impala had to return to the rental company today, and since I question my van's ability to travel more than an hour away from home, I borrowed a school car for my final two days of travel. What did they give me, you ask? A minivan. A newer, sleeker, better-running minivan than I currently own. With a CD player and two cigarette lighters so I can charge my phone and my GPS at the same time. Let's just spit in my car's face while we're at it. I actually prefer the van to the Impala, mostly because of the height. These past three months have made me realize that I like the length of my car to be in proportion to its height; much like the Crazy/Hot scale on HIMYM. When my van finally moves on, I really don't know what I would do for a replacement... if I even murmur the word SUV, everyone attacks me for being anti-environment.

To celebrate my last night on the road, I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. If you were wondering whether or not you should see it, you definitely should. It was adorable. One screening will probably suffice, but it's worth it just to hear the animals replace actual cuss words with the word cuss. And I greatly enjoyed watching George Clooney as Mr. Fox on the screen while watching George Clooney
in my mind as himself doing everything that Mr. Fox did. And I had gummy bears, so I was pretty happy.

Thursday it's back to the office and the dreaded eight hour work day. Roadrunning has given me unrealistic expectations about scheduling. If a day ends later than one, I get a little resentful. I should probably work on that.

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