Friday, December 4, 2009

Days left in the office: 5
Days until Pittsburgh: 8

This week I spread my wings and flew into the great unknown. Really I just started solo interviews, but I wanted it to sound more epic.

Thursday was, quite frankly, painful. I spent a good hour of the day staring at a wall. It wasn't even an interesting wall. Although I suppose if this situation repeats itself I could try following those tiny dust floaty things in the air like a cat.
There was, however, an adorable admissions moment starring me and two coworkers we'll call "Sharona" and "Natalie." (I'm watching the Monk finale, so I figured I'd do a small tribute.) The early action deadline was Tuesday, which means we are flooded with applications. Thursday's totaled 187, and all of them wound up on Sharona's desk.

Sharona: (Handing a stack of applications to us) Natalie and Allison, could you sort these by counselor? (We do, and distribute them to the counselors. She notices our now-empty desk.) Did you hand them out already?
Natalie: Yes.
Sharona: Oh, I didn't want you to distribute them! (gestures towards another stack of applications) These need to go out, too!
Natalie: Well, we can do those now.
Sharona: (sheepishly) I know... but I wanted to see how big the stacks were. Small satisfaction.

For the record, 187 applications divided into six counselor piles isn't nearly as impressive as 187 applications in one pile. And that was the highlight of Thursday.

Yesterday I had three interviews, so the afternoon flew by. It was a nice range of, "OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO COME HERE!" to "You're okay and will have no problems getting in" to "Yeah... probably not." (Although that last one is a recruit for our big sport, so really who knows.)

My van has been in the shop for a few days because the passenger side door has stopped opening. It needs a new latch, but since my car predates dinosaurs the (totally awesome) mechanic (who will probably be my new BFF soon) had some issues locating one. So right now my car is sitting the the driveway with the interior panel of the door in pieces on the floor, waiting for the latch to arrive on Monday. As if my poor car doesn't already look like it's falling apart.

I was hoping that while I composed this I would work up the motivation to pack my room. Not so much.

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