Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get thee to a tannery!

So much for a kick-ass visit that would make my entire day awesome. However, I did get a tip from a guidance counselor to check out historic Bethlehem, and I'm very glad I did. It's the cutest city ever. It was founded by the Moravians, a Protestant denomination, in 1741. I don't know if I just wasn't getting/appreciating the historical parts of town, or if the literature just didn't convey the information in a way that inspired me, but I thought the walking tour was kind of a bust. You can wander around the remnants of the Industrial Village, which is basically the tannery, dyer, blacksmith, etc. I like old buildings as much as the next person, but didn't every town have those shops? Aren't they marginally important to the survival of the village? It didn't convery anything unique or quirky about Bethlehem. I did learn that this is where Lafayette healed after his leg wound at the Battle of Brandywine, and then he lived here for a while after; thus, I was able to build off of previous knowledge from another geeky afternoon. Regardless, the city is adorable and the people are insanely friendly. I've been wandering through the shops and had dinner at an amazing brewery. Right now I'm hanging out in a cafe until I go see "Julie & Julia" at a tiny theater. So even though I'm going to be exhausted when I get to the hotel, tonight has redeemed any awkward counselors or clueless high schoolers I may have encountered today. Especially when Meryl Streep says her line about the pasta being, "as hot as a stiff cock!" There is definitely a reason this will be my third viewing of "J & J."

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  1. I was just about to call you on it being your third viewing, but then you outed yourself. Well played.