Saturday, October 9, 2010

Indecision 2010

I don't need to bore you with more details of my existential crisis regarding grad school. During my interview I discussed the pros and cons of starting in the spring with the department chair. Then I made my own list. Basically, it boiled down to this:

Pros of starting in the spring:
  • I can leave my job, like, now
Cons of starting in the spring:
  • I probably shouldn't start just because I loathe my job with every fiber of my being
  • I'm scared/broke
I talked it over with the roommate (who was dealing with a crisis of her own), the parents, some coworkers, a talk radio host, Dr. Phil, and basically anyone else who would pretend to listen. And then I realized that I just really wanted to start in the spring, and if I don't have any other plans then I might as well just do it. And then I told the school I was coming before I could change my mind.

So the roommate is apartment hunting in the 'burgh while she figures life out, and I'm imposing on my parents until I figure out a job/apartment/plan near the city. And now I can giddily return to the world of papers and assignments and text books. (In four months when I'm sick of school, remind me of this moment.)