Sunday, July 25, 2010

Manic episode

I think I have a case of goal overload. There's my reading goal, my running goal, my grad school application goal, my getting ready for the GREs goal, my cleaning the house enough so it doesn't look like my life is in shambles goal, and my getting my financial life in order goal... I miss the days when I felt unaccomplished and inadequate in just one life category instead of six. It's summer. It's hot. Why must I still be a productive member of society?

I did have a pleasant surprise this week when I remembered that my vacation is coming up. (Not really sure how I forgot, but whatever.) And by vacation I mean hanging out with my family for two days, then going to Erie for three. Not a long vacation, but a necessary one. And have I mentioned that both my parents' house and Erie are well-stocked with wine? Perhaps when I can sleep in every day and drink I'll be relaxed enough to accomplish things. Or I'll just be sleepy and drunk. Same thing?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I probably wouldn't walk 500 miles... definitely not 500 more

I'm still running. I have almost completed week two of my training program. Two weeks! It's the longest I've ever committed to an exercise routine, as sad as that is.

Today I have a major case of the blahs. Saturdays are supposed to be a long, slow run. Keri mapped out a four-mile route that leads us into Oakland and then back to Squirrel Hill, so this morning we drove around to scope it out. Realization: four miles is long. A lot longer, apparently, than the three miles we did last week. Really freaking long. So Keri is bouncing around the house, stretching, pumping herself up, and I'm in bed with a cup of yogurt trying to wrap my head around this. I know that it will be fine and I'll probably feel completely amazing afterwards (just like my sluggish Tuesday when I realized that running in the rain is the equivalent of a zillion gallons of coffee), but running through Pittsburgh has a totally different vibe than running along a single trail that is basically a straight line.

Other things to accomplish this weekend: writing my personal statement for my grad school applications. Oh yeah, that's happening. I signed up to take the GREs in a month. I'm super pumped to have an excuse to study vocab again.

Okay, wish me luck. I'm about to go participate in physical exertion. 63 days until the half-math!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Someone please help

Twice this week I have done something completely shocking and mildly disgusting. I ran. Recreationally. What is happening here?

It all started when our beloved suitemate Sarah came into town for the Fourth of July. We vegged, we drank, we went to the zoo, Sarah convinced us to train for a half marathon that's two months away, we watched the fireworks over Oakland, we rode the incline... all in all, a fun weekend. Except for the half marathon part... you know, where Sarah completely disrupted my entire way of life. Whatever. Suddenly I'm on a running schedule. There are miles and codes and all sorts of insanity. I even bought running shoes last night to replace my Walmart sneakers that I only wear occasionally as a "hey, look at my purple sneakers!" statement. I bought running clothes that aren't baggy shorts I've owned since high school. I even know what cross training is. Something is seriously amiss.

No decision yet on whether I will actually be doing the halfmath in September. Right now my plan is to train for a month, get into a healthy lifestyle, and then decide whether to do the marathon. Basically the decision will be made based on how pathetic I feel walking 13.5 miles with a bunch of uber-athletes. Although I would probably blend in thanks to my new wardrobe...