Thursday, July 8, 2010

Someone please help

Twice this week I have done something completely shocking and mildly disgusting. I ran. Recreationally. What is happening here?

It all started when our beloved suitemate Sarah came into town for the Fourth of July. We vegged, we drank, we went to the zoo, Sarah convinced us to train for a half marathon that's two months away, we watched the fireworks over Oakland, we rode the incline... all in all, a fun weekend. Except for the half marathon part... you know, where Sarah completely disrupted my entire way of life. Whatever. Suddenly I'm on a running schedule. There are miles and codes and all sorts of insanity. I even bought running shoes last night to replace my Walmart sneakers that I only wear occasionally as a "hey, look at my purple sneakers!" statement. I bought running clothes that aren't baggy shorts I've owned since high school. I even know what cross training is. Something is seriously amiss.

No decision yet on whether I will actually be doing the halfmath in September. Right now my plan is to train for a month, get into a healthy lifestyle, and then decide whether to do the marathon. Basically the decision will be made based on how pathetic I feel walking 13.5 miles with a bunch of uber-athletes. Although I would probably blend in thanks to my new wardrobe...

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  1. i'm glad half-math is catching on.
    also, SORE.