Saturday, July 17, 2010

I probably wouldn't walk 500 miles... definitely not 500 more

I'm still running. I have almost completed week two of my training program. Two weeks! It's the longest I've ever committed to an exercise routine, as sad as that is.

Today I have a major case of the blahs. Saturdays are supposed to be a long, slow run. Keri mapped out a four-mile route that leads us into Oakland and then back to Squirrel Hill, so this morning we drove around to scope it out. Realization: four miles is long. A lot longer, apparently, than the three miles we did last week. Really freaking long. So Keri is bouncing around the house, stretching, pumping herself up, and I'm in bed with a cup of yogurt trying to wrap my head around this. I know that it will be fine and I'll probably feel completely amazing afterwards (just like my sluggish Tuesday when I realized that running in the rain is the equivalent of a zillion gallons of coffee), but running through Pittsburgh has a totally different vibe than running along a single trail that is basically a straight line.

Other things to accomplish this weekend: writing my personal statement for my grad school applications. Oh yeah, that's happening. I signed up to take the GREs in a month. I'm super pumped to have an excuse to study vocab again.

Okay, wish me luck. I'm about to go participate in physical exertion. 63 days until the half-math!

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