Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top Five Ways I Spend My Time At Work

1. Calling students (very easy to do while also doing one or more of the following)
2. Playing email trivia with coworkers
3. Giggling out loud to things like this and hoping no one notices
4. Fiction section. It's like a book you can read at your cubicle! (because I get very resentful when my breaks are over and I can no longer read whatever book I brought to work with me... currently Outliers: The Story of Success which is really engrossing)
5. Going on to news websites, reading a few grown-up articles, and then seeing this

So if it's ever a weekday between the hours of 9 and 6 and you need to know where to find me, there you go. And if it's a Saturday like this one and you need to know what I'm doing, you should also consult this list. Only today they're bringing in pizza, so that will probably rank 3rd on the list. Life is much better now that I've mastered the art of shamelessly surfing the net at work.

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