Sunday, July 25, 2010

Manic episode

I think I have a case of goal overload. There's my reading goal, my running goal, my grad school application goal, my getting ready for the GREs goal, my cleaning the house enough so it doesn't look like my life is in shambles goal, and my getting my financial life in order goal... I miss the days when I felt unaccomplished and inadequate in just one life category instead of six. It's summer. It's hot. Why must I still be a productive member of society?

I did have a pleasant surprise this week when I remembered that my vacation is coming up. (Not really sure how I forgot, but whatever.) And by vacation I mean hanging out with my family for two days, then going to Erie for three. Not a long vacation, but a necessary one. And have I mentioned that both my parents' house and Erie are well-stocked with wine? Perhaps when I can sleep in every day and drink I'll be relaxed enough to accomplish things. Or I'll just be sleepy and drunk. Same thing?

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  1. Well, it does sound like you have a lot of simultaneous goals - no wonder! Here's my sage (ha ha) advice. Make lists daily with incremental goals and check them off as you finish them. If you also accomplished something that wasn't on the list, add it and check it off. Seriously. I think you will see that you are accomplishing more than you think. Can drinking wine and relaxing be added to the list? Absolutely!