Monday, June 14, 2010


Progression of emails from my roommate throughout the course of my workday:

"I'm just looking at some info for grad school"

"I found a program I like..."

"Hey, they have a program for you, too!"

"We could both start in January!"

"We're going here."

Naturally this magical school is not in Pittsburgh, but in D.C., which requires quite a bit of planning. Imagine a haphazard decision tree involving scenarios for both of us getting accepted, both of us getting accepted and not wanting to go, only one of us getting accepted and wanting to go, neither of us getting accepted but still wanting to go...

Basically the roommate and I have progressed into a very committed domestic partnership that requires us to be in the same city. The good news is, my mom is totally okay with the relationship so long as we have a proper commitment ceremony. I guess she doesn't want me living in sin any longer.

It's times like this I'm reminded of someone else who had trouble weighing his options for the future. But after an entire episode of internal struggle, he made a very mature decision:

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  1. Well, this sounds like a very good option. And besides, then you can expunge both "quota" and "roommate" from your vocabulary in one fell swoop.