Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Staycation

This past weekend my roommate and I caravanned down to our college town for an annual celebration of our namesake/(depending on who's spinning it) founder. (Seriously, not using names is just getting harder and harder.) I probably had a lot of fun, but I will need to check photos to confirm. I did walk away from the weekend with a scraped foot and knee, a massive bruise on my thigh (same leg), and--this just in!--a burst blood vessel in my eye that makes me look like one of the damned. For the record, heels + ice + chardonnay = failure^1,000,000,000. It's kind of a miracle I walked away from the weekend at all.

The best part about this annual celebration of our namesake/(depending on who's spinning it) founder is that it's sort of a prom-meets-homecoming vibe. Giant dance, live music, the occasional poofy dress, and a whole lot of alumni who just really really want to be back on campus for a bit. I saw people I hadn't even glanced at since freshman year, but because everyone was so inebr-- um, excited to be back-- I had very animated conversations catching up with people I had really never spoken to. (I also learned a lot about people's wedding plans. That was actually pretty funny.) Conversely, the night was such a blur that I missed out on seeing a lot of people who I specifically wanted to see. (Hi, everyone! See you next February?) Oh, well.

I write now from my parents' house in Maryland, where I am hanging out until... TBD. I don't have any plans until Friday, when I actually have to do things for both jobs. The morning is dedicated to interviewing a seasoned interviewer who can give me pointers, and in the afternoon I start my new retail job. (If this is anything like the seventy billion other retail jobs I've had, I will spend the night staring at a computer in the back room learning about loss prevention and the importance of clocking in and out on time.) I'm actually really excited for this job. I miss people. I haven't really met anyone new since moving, so this will put me out there and get me talking to people who don't have a cluster B personality disorder. Plus, I get to look at pretty clothes all day! (Please don't let me purchase the pretty clothes.)

And, in my remaining free time, I have adopted a new (and completely dorky) hobby. I'm trying to create my own crossword puzzle. Right now I'm working on a completely lame HIMYM-inspired one to entertain my roommate at work. However, I do have some ideas for more universal themes that I'd like to try. If I don't rip my hair out trying, perhaps I can post a finished product. (In my head, that sentence ended with an exclamation point, but I realized that the world might not be ready for my enthusiasm.)

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  1. 1). Explain the bruise, I only knew about the scrapes.
    2). Wedding plans? Really? Unless it's you, LK.
    3). I got so exicted to see someone I barely knew freshman year, that my hair got tangled in her earring.
    4). Please make me a crossword puzzle. Six hundred bonus points if you somehow program it into an email so I can do it while I'm actually supposed to be working.