Monday, November 30, 2009

An hourglass glued to the table

Days left on the road: 2
Days left in the office: 7

Today was my first day in the office since September. And it was Monday. And it was the day after Thanksgiving break. And it was cold and raining and miserable. Clearly there were places I would have rather been.

The morning sped by as I completed uber important and top secret tasks involving stapling and alphabetizing and pulling files. Glamorous, right? We received over 100 applications today. Pile on the transcripts and letters of recommendation that accrued over the long weekend, and things were insane. I was actually a bit bummed that I won't get to read applications; when it's a manageable amount, it's probably (sometimes) fun. While stapling, I caught a glimpse of a kid's resume. Under computer skills, he listed facebook and twitter. I wanted to laugh hysterically, but I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that I was (what's the reading equivalent of eavesdropping?) skimming (definitely not the right word, but bear with me here) fragments of applications when my official task was to staple. So I definitely didn't see anything. I swear.

I also received the fabulous news that my favorite applicant was accepted! She'll get her letter later this week, which means I have to wait several days to send her a congratulatory email and tell her that now that she's accepted I can officially be her best friend. Maybe I should do it through facebook instead... Is there a bumper sticker that says "OMG I can't wait to hang out with you all the time" without being too stalkerish?

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