Sunday, November 22, 2009

But I would walk 500 miles

After a few months of living out of hotels, I have officially reached platinum status through IHC's Priority Club. Tonight I received my first complimentary room upgrade. I guess it's nice to have a couch in my room, but I'm only staying here for one night, so it's not like it's getting used. I will certainly use the "Platinum Water" I received upon check-in. I'll let you know if it tastes any different than a regular bottle of water. Perhaps the filter they use is made of platinum?

Yesterday was the final open house for the semester. Crazy. I ran into one of my favorite students from the road and she completely fell in love with campus! I introduced her to the counselor who will read her application, and later I threatened said counselor's life if he didn't admit her. I doubt it will be an issue; she's a perfect fit for the school. I also ran into a family who visited over the summer:

Mom: So what did you get on your SATs?
Me: ...1370? (Whoa, I just revealed that to the blogosphere!)
Dad: Oh, well that's not really good.
Me: ...
Mom: Wait, were there only two sections when you took it?
Me: Yes...
Mom: Oh! Well, that is good, then.
Me: ...

Needless to say, I was nervous about giving them a tour, but they turned out to be a lot of fun. We walked around for over an hour and talked the entire time. When the mom saw me, she ran up and said, "Hi! Do you remember us? We came over the summer and kept you really late?" Love them. I hope their son chooses to attend... he was really into another school over the summer, but his parents were trying to dissuade him because of the unusual curriculum.

For the past week I have been rocking out to the Glee soundtrack in the car. Best. Road music. Ever. Mostly because it lets me think about Finn for hours at a time. (Although I stopped daydreaming about him as my jockward future husband when I saw an interview he gave. Absolutely no personality in real life. *sigh*) I'm going to miss having my CD player. However, I am stoked to use my van again. It's the car that lasted through my childhood, that I learned to drive in, and that I took with me to college. And, in a few weeks (!) it will take me to my first house (if rentals count) in Pittsburgh. I'm guessing it will die shortly after in an epicly Arrivederci, Fiero kind of moment.

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