Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fruit salad is too chunky

Today was the second most exhausting day I've had as a roadrunner thus far. I'm glad to say that I managed to turn things around mid-morning, though. In the car I blasted a completely cheesey mix CD with songs no respectable human being would have on her ipod. Then I recharged with a quick nap in a school parking lot before a visit. Don't worry, I'm sure I looked completely unsketchy slouched down in the driver's seat.

I visited two Catholic high schools today. I confess (ha...), I always get weirded out in Catholic schools. They have pictures of Pope Benny everywhere. And crucifixes. And I always feel like the men and women of the cloth know that not-so-deep down, I find things like this really funny. The very first school I visited was in the middle of some drama: the teachers went on strike Friday night. They were picketing out front while an army of subs covered their classes. I have mixed feelings on the topic of teachers strikes, but according to one employee the teachers and the administration were only pennies apart in their negotiations. Personally, I don't think standing outside in forty degree weather getting no salary is better than standing inside making slightly less than you'd like. But hopefully things work themselves out quickly; it sucks when students are penalized for bureaucratic stuff.

Tonight was my only college fair this week, a scheduling miracle. Now that I'm an experienced rep, I'd like to share my developing wisdom about college fairs:
  1. If it's a stupid question, then yes, they are completely serious
  2. If the kid has a mohawk and lightning bolts shaved into his head, he is completely serious
  3. There is a certain type of kid that will slow down in front of your table and say your school name like a caveman imitating English. (i.e.-- Ne-w Jerrrr-sseyyyy) You do not want them to fill out a request for info card. Or to reproduce.
  4. A good table buddy is a must. If a neighboring rep will not make fun of children with you, then (s)he is not a good table buddy. Older women are rarely good table buddies.
  5. Keep yourself entertained however you can. This may be by grapevining slowly back and forth behind your table and seeing if anyone notices (so far no one). This may involve sending letters detailing every second of your day to people who couldn't care less. This may also involve making up stupid admissions knock knock jokes such as:
Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Interrupting parent.
Interrupting parent wh--
She's taking twelve AP classes!

And now, my friends, I leave you with the most spectacular part of the day. It has finally happened. Perhaps not as great as its predecessor, but I'm still pretty happy.

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