Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sunshine and rainbows and puppies

I've stepped into an alternative reality for lunch. Join me.

There is no Panera anywhere in the area. Or is there? This faux Panera offers free wifi and a pick two option. But they bring your food to you and they sell crab bisque. Sound good? I'm sorry to say that the price of admission is awkwardness. And $3 more than you would pay at Panera. Sometimes it's best to go with the giant soul-sucking corporation where you can eat summer corn chowder in peace.

I'm not trying to put too much pressure on today, but considering that it's 65 degrees and my last visit ended at noon and it's 65 degrees, I have high hopes. My last visit of the day was just delightful! (It's hard to make delightful sound unsarcastic... but it's the best word I could possibly use. So, heads up, it's sincere.) Whenever guidance counselors find out I just graduated from college, they always ask the usual questions, which quickly leads to the discovery of a common bond: psychology. Today's counselor was asking me all about my future plans in a friendly and engaging way that didn't make me want to curl up in the fetal position. And after I talked with the kids, she and I started discussing my plans for the rest of the day. Her son is an architect, but she didn't know that Frank Lloyd Wright built four houses in New Jersey. (He also has some buildings in Japan. I might have to visit the boyfriend.) All of his NJ houses are at least an hour away from my current location and tonight's hotel, but I'm debating going anyway. What else am I doing today?

Now kindly leave your computer and go enjoy the sunshine.

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