Friday, October 23, 2009

Erin, let me see your birth certificate!

I was just completing my recruiting assessments for yesterday and today, and I need to share some knowledge that is mindblowing to no one but myself.

Yesterday I met a counselor who looked like a college sophomore. I look pretty young myself, but I felt mature around her. When she complained the conference room was cold and retrieved an Aeropostale hoodie from another room, I honestly suspected that she was a student masquerading as a counselor to mess with me. I also never realized how much an engagement or wedding ring contributes to perceived age; it seems every female counselor I meet with, even the very young ones, are wearing rings. (I think college counseling on either side is a very matrimony-inclined profession.) This counselor wasn't wearing a ring, which made me feel even more like she could not possibly be over 21. And yet, when I was looking up her email for my evals, I read that she had her Master's and taught P.E. for three years before transitioning to guidance. Which means she is either a child prodigy whose life ambition is to help teenagers through their awkward years, or she is a seventeen-year-old in a witness protection program who was assigned to be a high school guidance counselor until she can testify in a mafia trial. I'll let you know which option I decide on.

P.S.-- I tried to link a clip from The Office episode Cafe Disco, but the desired clip does not exist on the web, which is an outright travesty. And if you try to google, "Erin, let me see your birth certificate!" many of the entries are not Office-related. Lame.


  1. actually now when you google "Erin, let me see your birth certificate!" your blogs comes up first-est. Congrats!

  2. Score! My new goal in life is to be on the first page of results whenever anyone anywhere googles anything. What else am I doing with my life?