Monday, October 26, 2009

The thigh bone's connected to the...

A quick post before I'm off to my next visit:

Saturday was our second open house for the semester. I was a floater in the morning, which basically meant standing around waiting for high school students to be brave enough to make eye contact. A huge group of us sat in the reception area to direct people between sessions and to check in any latecomers. My biggest facepalm of the day was a mother/daughter duo who arrived over an hour late. We break our open houses into three sessions so visitors can learn about different programs of study, study abroad opportunities, financial aid information, etc. We told this family that we had just started the second session, so they could find something of interest and go in a little bit late. They spent five minutes looking over the list before the girl looked up and said, "So these are classes? Like, with students?" .... Yes, we always have classes on Saturdays. We pay the students to go to an extra lecture just for the open house. When we explained that they were just information sessions with professors from each major, she said, "Oh... Well, I'm pre-med." At college fairs I meet a huge number of students who want to be doctors or nurses or engineers... It makes me think that I'm not safe, no matter where I go.

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