Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Friends All Have Porsches

All sorts of excitement today! Admissions bought all of us cars! Well, technically they leased us cars that can only be used for college-related travel, but really it's the same thing. I am the proud new driver of a 2008 Chevy Impala. Apparently I drew the short straw and was only given this car after all the other counselors rejected it, but let's think about this situation, shall we?

Allison's Current Car:
  • 1996 Mercury Villager (read: mini-van from my childhood)
  • A/C has seen better days and constantly needs to be recharged with freon
  • Driver side window will only go down when it feels like it ( makes drive-thrus fun)
  • Is so dirty that someone wrote "We miss you Ajones!" on it today... which was rather touching except that it made me realize how dirty my car is
  • Sound system consists of a tape player (remember those?)

Allison's Leased Car:
  • 2008 Chevy Impala (read: has no idea who N*SYNC, Monica Lewinsky, or Johnathan Taylor Thomas are)
  • Has a CD player! (I'm accepting suggestions for good road music!)
  • Automatic windows
  • Will unlock even when my key isn't touching it!
  • Can be parallel parked
Although I've grown quite attached to my mini-van, I'm pretty psyched to be driving a car that a recent college graduate might conceivably purchase. Besides, my poor van can use a break after schlepping me across the bridge every day for my hour-plus commute.

Speaking of hour-long commutes! (I hope you enjoyed that masterful segway.) Admissions is also putting me up in a hotel so I no longer have to spend 2.5 hours a day in the car! (That is, until I go on the road and spend roughly a billion hours a day in the car.) I was driving myself crazy
commuting (if I admit that was an intentional pun, will I lose all respectability?), and this way I have a nice, quiet room with a giant bed. Tonight's agenda includes:

6:00-- Work out in free fitness room
6:45-- Bubble bath, complete with wine chilled in hotel mini-fridge
7:15-- Lounging in giant bed, perhaps paired with mindless tv-watching

The fabulous part? I'm earning at least two free hotel nights before my roadrunning even starts, which means when my three months of employment are over I will always have résumé-worthy experience, fabulous travel stories, and a really cheap vacation whenever (and whereever) I want.

Anyway, time to commence my rigorous evening schedule. Wish me luck...

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