Monday, August 31, 2009

Wait for it.... *beep*

Day six in the office, day one of classes for undergraduates. Oh, cruel office with ample windows! I spent all day wishing I could go to class. Any class, any professor, I don't care! On top of that, the weather was absolute bliss, yet the air conditioning was blasting all day so I was a frozen mess of reluctant office drone. I can't wait to get on the road!

Today I occupied myself by looking up the location of Frank Lloyd Wright houses in New Jersey and planning my personal itinerary for in between school visits. Then someone gave me real work to do so I spent hours trying to get in touch with counselors who still have not responded to our visit requests. Half of them said I was already on their calendar for the time I requested... it would have been nice if they had checked the box on the form and put the BRE in the mail so I didn't have to track them down. My favorite call of the day was a small private school:

Me: Hi, could I please speak to someone in guidance?
What sounded like a student aide: Sorry, no one's there. You can talk to the receptionist?
Me: ...

I don't know what category of creature the receptionist was in to count as "no one," but she was a perfectly lovely android or ewok or inferius. I'm not sure if she was the same nice person who told me she wasn't sure if I could visit because their students "don't normally show the initiative to meet with college counselors." If so, they were immediately removed from my schedule and I will never get to meet the robot receptionist.

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