Saturday, February 18, 2012

Historical Fiction

By now I truly hope that everyone on the planet has seen Drunk History, a delightful series in which an intoxicated individual narrates a historical event while actual famous actors reenact the intoxicated's version of events. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds. 

Yesterday as I was teaching some 1st graders about Abraham Lincoln (going into waaaay more detail than necessary, thanks to the infectious knowledge shared by my nonsexual life partner), I realized that someone really needs to do a series called "Grade School History." One child made the mistake of asking how Lincoln died, which led to a long discussion about bullets to the head, John Wilkes Booth, and pennies on graves. A little girl raised her hand to share the following historical anecdote:

You know that president on the ten dollar bill? He was really mean and hit everyone with a cane, so this other guy got really mad at him and had two guns and shot him because he hit people with canes. And then the president was dead and couldn't hit people anymore.

Now imagine that cut into a five minute video with Jeff Goldblum and Channing Tatum acting it out. Brilliant, right? Someone should get on this. I just want 10% of whatever profits you earn from internet memes.

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