Thursday, March 25, 2010

Million dollar question... if dollar equals awkward

Today was my second time interviewing a participant. (I always want to simply type in "I had an interview today," but I know that if I do I'll get a billion questions about job prospects and where I'm interviewing and I'll just have to explain that I finally found a full-time job and am not interviewing for any more positions thankyouverymuch.) Like the last one, it was delightfully easy. And the guy was pretty adorable. They just moved into a new house (I wanted to buy it from them on the spot), and they have a one-month-old baby and a four-year-old. And I thought moving a minivan's worth of possessions was tough. But yeah, not a huge difference between the participants. Oh, except for this:

Question: How many times have you had sex within the past year?

Guy #1: I don't know... a thousand, I guess.
Me: ...That would be about three times a day.
Guy #1: [shrug]

Guy #2: Oh, um... [sheepishly] Well, my wife was pregnant for nine of those months, so a lot of that stuff was, you know, off limits... Um... Ten?

I realize that it can sound like a daunting question, but it's not that difficult if you break it up into a weekly average and then multiply. I mean seriously.

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