Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I literally do not have the brain power right now to think of an awesome title for this post

I've started three different posts in the past week, but was so bored writing them I abandoned them altogether.

I officially got my job offer yesterday. Apparently my background check didn't unearth any deep dark secrets. Not going to lie, it was taking so long I was starting to get nervous. I start on Monday, which still doesn't feel quite real. I had the "Yeah... I know I've only been here a month, but I'm leaving" talk with the retail manager yesterday. Not nearly as awkward as I expected...and by awkward, I mean terrifying. I'm not good with rejection, giving or receiving. I had to get a bravery text and phone call from the roommate. (She made me feel much better by promising me ice cream after. Unfortunately, we completely wasted Ben and Jerry's free cone day with a recent bout of the stomach flu. We each had half a piece of bread and were too full to get free ice cream. I know, what were we thinking?) The down side to all this? Now that I have a real job and real money to buy clothes, I won't have an employee discount. Don't worry, I plan on shopping tomorrow.

I finally interviewed my first participant! The first two I had scheduled bailed on me, so I was actually a little surprised when I walked up to the guy's house and he was drinking coffee on the porch and waiting for me. (For the record, he wasn't on the porch in anticipation of my visit. It was just a really nice day.) I was relieved that he didn't want to do the spit sample in front of me. I'm afraid I'm going to throw up if I have to see/listen to a participant hacking up into a spit cup.

The interview asks some fairly sensitive questions about drug use, violence, criminal history, some medical stuff, etc. and I knew that it might get uncomfortable sometimes... I didn't think that the most awkward part would be when I asked how many sexual partners he's had in the past year. He held up his hand and I clarified by asking, "Five?" He immediately shushed me. Apparently his girlfriend was asleep in the next room. It was a lot of fun later when she was awake and in the kitchen and I had to ask more questions about his sexual history. Yeah.
Oh, and he didn't hit on me! Yay! (I mean, telling me I have nice eyes is just being truthful, right?)

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  1. Yeah, I picked up Blonde the other day and just couldn't bring myself to buy it. I have mixed feelings about Oates. I just finished Wonderland and I felt that it spun out of control. Still, there's something I like about her writing.