Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to fill your time while unemployed

Today, my roommate (We've switched from "suitemate" or "housemate" because we're no longer in college, and in the real world people use "roommate" to describe those they share a living space with, regardless of the actual arrangement. Unless of course we start dating, in which case she becomes my "live-in lover" or something equally certain to shock my parents.) sent me this link:

Guess what my project for 2010 will be? I say project instead of resolution because, well, resolutions are lame and last about three days. This is a fun exercise I'd like to try because, as much as I love books, I am often a capricious rather than voracious reader. I go through spurts where I read twelve books in a row without surfacing for air, and then a month might go by and I haven't even touched a trashy magazine. So this could be a good way to keep a steady pace and savor my literary selections.

My concern about the project is the same one that plagues me when I borrow books from the library: how the deadline affects my attitude towards reading. When I read something that has to be returned in two weeks, I sometimes forget that I chose the book and instead feel like I have to get through it before the time elapses and mysterious library ninjas pry it from my fingers mid-sentence. Even when I'm enjoying a novel, I still find myself flipping through to see how many pages are left. (I do the same thing during movies. I love movies, but you will inevitably see me check my watch a dozen times in a theater.) The difficulty will be knowing I need to read x pages a day to finish a book, but still reading enthusiastically. I do have an exciting way to stay motivated and track my progress. Gold stars? Please, those are for amateurs. The back of my bedroom door is covered with chalkboard paint, so every time I finish a book I'm writing the title on the door with my fabulous neon chalk. It will look so awesome by the end of the year! I do recognize that this will only motivate me to plow through books, but... well, I really want an awesome door.

This week's book is Eat Pray Love. I'm halfway through, but still not sure how I feel about it. I'll keep you posted.

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