Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Days I've been living in Pittsburgh: 16
Inches of snow on the ground: < 2
Interviews scheduled: 1

Yesterday was fairly productive. Remember that massive pile of boxes in my bedroom and the office that needed to be sorted? It's now a manageable pile of boxes. It would probably be a nonexistent pile of boxes if I hadn't been distracted by the following treasures:

  • $82 in cash. When I traveled to Russia this summer, I distributed the $500 I brought in several hiding places in case something got lost or stolen. One of these places? The cloth bag that held my outlet converter thingy. I really could have used the money when I got back to the States... but I could really really use the money right now.
  • The first three pages of a short story I wrote in 8th grade. We were supposed to write a story about clones. The Disney movie about Atlantis had just come out. I wrote ten pages (typed) about a race of clones who were enslaved on Atlantis by evil world leaders. After all, Atlantis was replete with gold and other valuable resources. The biggest tragedy is that I only have those three pages. I could be published by now.
  • My old creative writing journals. I miss Mrs. Tremper. She was awesome.
  • The thank you cards some of my campers wrote for me. You know it's a good summer when half of them say, "Thanks for gluing yourself to a ceramic squirrel." Anytime kids. Anytime.
There was more... oh boy, was there more. But I'd rather retain some shred of dignity here. The important thing is, my room and the office are starting to take shape. I even hung some photos! Maybe by the time we have our first human house guest (Keri's dog Gatsby is staying with us for now, and the boyfriend is visiting in a few weeks) things will be settled.

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