Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is it downhill yet?

So in my post-assembly haze on Sunday, I forgot to mention the most exciting part of my day. It wasn't the (eventual) successful assembly of Swedish furniture, or the fact that the back of my bedroom door is covered in chalkboard paint, or the tortilla soup I had at Max & Erma's (although it was really good soup). Are you dying of suspense? I know I am! On the way home from Ikea/Max & Erma's, we were behind an orange car. At first all I could do was wonder why someone would choose burnt orange for a car, but then I noticed the license plate. You guessed it! It was a 9999! Thank you, Pittsburgh, for that fabulous welcome. I tried to take pictures with my phone, but it was dark so you can only see indistinct red lights. Oh well. At least I have a witness.

Yesterday I canvassed local retail establishments to see who was hiring. As expected, I got a lot of, "We're done for the season, but check back in January because we never know how things will work out after the holidays." Awesome. So only five applications wound up going out. Keri did cheer me up by taking me on a fabulous date to the Bangkok Balcony, which is a pretty awesome Thai place within walking distance of our house. (I explored the neighborhood yesterday, and it's difficult to list something that isn't within walking distance of our house. Don't even get me started on the amazing library.)

Today I decided to focus on unpacking my room. Thanks to the Avett Brothers, it's going smoothly thus far. I have high hopes for an awesome bedroom when everything is done. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to clean the house and make a casserole before Keri gets back from work. She gets upset if I'm not waiting by the door with a martini in hand.

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