Saturday, December 12, 2009

I will not type lyrics from the Jefferson's theme song...

Days left in office: 0
Days left until Pittsburgh: < 1
Applications sent out today: 3

I'm sitting in a dark, empty room right now because all of my worldly possessions are packed into the van, truck, or trailer. Unfortunately lamp = worldly possession.

My last day in the office was pretty painless; I had enough to do to keep me occupied, but I was never so busy that I was annoyed for being swamped on my last day. I interviewed two very quiet kids, but they were both really sweet and I just wound up rambling on. They were laughing, which either means I was entertaining or idiotic. Or possibly a combination of the two. But one of the kids was interested in psychology, so he definitely got an earful. And the office closed an hour early for the college's staff Christmas party. The least enjoyable part of the day was actually leaving. Goodbyes are bad enough under normal circumstances, but when you're saying them to people you don't necessarily know or like well, then they're just awkward. Many people who spent their days ignoring me completely felt the need to make long speeches wishing me luck. I appreciate the sentiment, but I appreciate brevity even more.

So tomorrow we head out bright and early to the City of Champions. (I don't think I'm supposed to point out the irony of that title considering the Steeler's current record... residential allegiance or something.) If I wind up moving back "south" for the winter, please don't judge me.

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