Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back off the wagon...

This is only my first Panera visit of the week. Amazing, right? Yes, it's only Tuesday. Morning. But still. Yesterday I found a Sonic and nearly leapt for joy. Their Coney Island chili dogs are amazing.

Not a lot of action this week... I had a fair Sunday afternoon that lasted three hours. Yikes. I'm too used to two-hour fairs. I met a few kids who were really excited about the school, which is always adorable. I also had one kid whose dad stood behind him and whispered questions in his ear. Not awkward at all. And then the dad asked the kid how close our school is to a particular city, and the kid responded, "It's close! They're in the same state!" (Yes, if an hour and a half is your idea of "close.") There was another kid wandering around with a tee shirt that said, "Female students needed for sexual research." I was torn between hysterical laughter and shock that he would actually wear that to meet college reps.

It seems every school I visit now has at least one kid who signed up to meet with me, but is out sick. Is it me? Just in case they're being honest and I'm not actually driving kids away, I've been using hand sanitizer like a fiend. I'm not getting sick. I refuse.

Today I had one of those frustrating visits with seniors who haven't seriously begun the college search yet. It baffles me. It's nice that they want to meet with reps to learn more about the process, but they often wind up being kids who are interested in culinary arts or cosmetology, which is why they haven't started looking at schools. So then they get a huge shock when they meet with a rep from a small, liberal arts college that doesn't offer their major. If you're going to sign up for a visit, why wouldn't you at least glance at the website first? At least make sure the school is a viable option first.

Off to my last two appointments. Hopefully I'll meet some fun people! I think this Tuesday could use a pick-me-up.

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