Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And when the money comes in for the work I'll do/I'll pass almost every penny on to you

How am I this tired on a Tuesday? Normally I'm not dragging this much until Thursday. This could be problematic.

Naturally on the day when I had five appointments, I spoke to people at every single school. One of them had me sitting in reception for over twenty minutes, which was especially frustrating because I knew how insanely busy they were, so I knew I would only talk to the person for two seconds. But I also didn't have an excuse to leave, so I people watched and said a silent "thank you!" to the powers that be that I am no longer in high school. In a miraculous display of scheduling, my schools were less than fifteen minutes apart and I had at least half an hour to get to each. It was nice having some time between visits: I went to the post office; I worked on some letters; I seriously considered organizing my car... It was productive.

My last appointment ended at 2:30, and I didn't have a college fair until 7:30. I could either grab lunch, hang out at the hotel, and leave in the middle of rush hour to get to the fair 30 minutes away; or I could drive to the fair, find a Panera, and sit around for three hours. Guess which one I chose? The Panera blocks fmylife.com, which is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. How am I supposed to carry on with my miserable, exhausting life if I can't find solace in the blunders and misfortunes of others? I should submit this to FML.

The fair itself was pretty lame. Normally private schools are lucrative for us because the kids are looking at small, liberal arts institutions, but these kids seemed pretty clueless about the college search. I did enjoy one dad whose response to our rural setting and tuition was, "You sure have to pay a lot to not party!" Yes, yes you do. I'd also like to take a minute to inform athletes that if it's your senior year and you haven't talked to a coach, you aren't joining the team. Even at a D-III school. So maybe you should look at something other than the athletics brochure. Maybe try one that shows students suited up and holding briefcases? That's usually where your kind wind up.

Yes, I am a terrible person.

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