Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When possible, make a U-turn

Today marks the day that my blog is aptly named: I am officially roadrunning.

I started my adventures by getting horribly lost for over an hour, thus developing a slight aversion to Camden, NJ. Although the directions were simple in theory, my GPS and I practically had a screaming match (as in, it would have happened if my GPS could scream back). It continuously told me I was at my destination, which I would have been if my destination were a hotel or business park. In all fairness, I was practically at the high school about seventeen times, I just didn't know it because this school is harder to locate than Hogwarts.

All in all, this fair was a great start to roadrunning. I had an entertaining neighbor who was bitchy enough to be entertaining for a few hours (any longer and he probably would have annoyed me, but it worked well), and a dad who tried to stare me down until I admitted that we gave "leadership scholarships" for athletes since we're D3 (Ummm.... no?). I also enjoyed playing a game of, "How many of your table copies will disappear during the course of the night?" No one stole humanities, which is ironic since we're all about creative writing. Plus, this school served the most amazing dinner. I had roast beef, potatoes, actual vegetables, and cheesecake. I don't eat that well at home. So now I know why this fair is an annual event for us.

Tomorrow are my first official school visits. I'm hoping I get a fashion design question. It would be an amazing first day.

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