Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lancaster, PA, PA...

Greetings from Amish country! Exploring will happen shortly, but first I needed to check the address of tonight's hotel, which translates to "I wanted to go to Panera." Someone please get me help. Their lattes aren't even that good, and yet I keep ordering them. I think it's because I can drink it out of a mug and pretend that I'm eating in my own breakfast nook.

Last night I had a college fair at Gettysburg College, which is our biggest overlap school. I love that campus. It's beautiful. And the rep at the table next to me was a grad who is now working in a Pittsburgh school, so she and I were talking about the area and I scared her with my dorky interest in the history. She was fun, but I find that the male college reps are way more willing to make fun of kids. The female reps just make me feel like a bad person. It was highly adorable at the halfway point at the fair: the high school counselors passed out apples to the college reps. If you'll excuse me for a minute, I need to take a minute to describe the religious experience that was this fruit. There were some huge apples in the box they brought around, and I couldn't help but select one even though I knew it would probably be less flavorful and juicy than the smaller ones. But it was the size of a softball! Maybe even bigger! How could I resist? So in the car on my way to the (sketchy) hotel, I got hungry and bit into it absentmindedly and then nearly keeled over with joy. It was so insanely delicious! There are no words. It was the single best piece of fruit I have every had in my life. So, a special shout out to the Adams County College Fair planners... you basically made my entire travel season.

Last night I stayed at a cheap hotel that was really close to my first visit of the day. It didn't have wireless. I don't understand how hotels like that can still be in business. But as I checked in, the manager looked at me and said, "Let me guess, you're a college recruiter? I can spot them from a mile away. They're always really happy." Granted, as he was saying this I noticed a slug crawling in front of the desk which significantly diminished my level of contentment, but it was strangely validating to fall into his schema of a college rep. (In case you were wondering, I passed on the continental breakfast.)

Today was a lot of driving. I had three school visits, and for the first time in the history of travel season to-date, I met with people at every visit! Two really small private schools and one public school that I wanted to enroll in. I'm finding it really hard to not be nosy with this job. Today I met with this really sweet girl who sounded like she was having a hectic time during her senior year. As we were talking about study abroad, she mentions that her sister is from China so she would love to go there. Later as we talked about extra curriculars, she mentioned that her sister had cancer and her entire family was really involved in a non-profit for cancer research. So obviously I'm on the edge of my seat wanting this girl to go into her entire life story because I can't ask but it's obviously had a huge impact on her. But she doesn't. So I left the school madly in love with this girl because she was insanely nice and down-to-earth, but dying to know more about her and really caring about what she winds up doing next year. Is there a job where you can just find out people's life stories and keep tabs on them without having to offer advice or be a stalker? Let me know.

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