Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why I couldn't be in a union

Today was another instance where I had a half day TA position scheduled and was kind of bitter about it. TAs make about half as much as normal subs, and a half day means half of half as much as a normal sub, which is not a lot. However, when I arrived at the school I was told that they didn't actually need a sub for that teacher but it was too late to call me to cancel. (I didn't tell them that I had been at Panera ten minutes earlier doing homework and really it would have been a glorious surprise for me to have an extra three hours to learn about the psychoanalytic theorists or to watch whatever YouTube video struck my fancy at the time. But can I please get some grown up points for finally tricking my brain into thinking I had to work earlier than I actually did so I would wake up and accomplish something before noon? It's like I matured overnight!) But hey, I was there, they were paying me, and would I maybe mind doing some clerical work for them? And that is the story of how I got paid to cut folders in half. One of the administrators also had me sort through "What type of learner are you?" tests that the kids took and write their names on lists for the teachers. In three hours I received half a dozen compliments on how efficient and speedy I was (TWSS). All I could think about was the episode of The Office (2.15: Boys and Girls) where the Dunder Miff-men are loading a truck in the warehouse and Ryan suggests a relay system to make the process go faster, to which Stanley replies: 

"This here is a run-out-the-clock situation. Just like upstairs."

I suppose I'm just not a run-out-the-clock type of girl, no matter how much I'm getting paid.

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  1. Uh...at least they didn't ask you to take a "what kind of learner are you" test. I'm just looking for the upside here. It occurs to me that nobody would ask Paris Hilton to cut folders in half. Oops, I am not being helpful.