Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The List

A conversation with the roommate after she takes a bath:

K-- Hey, remember when you almost didn't graduate because you just stopped caring about your thesis? [Don't worry, mom... she's very prone to exaggeration]
A-- Yeah...
K-- Why was that? Didn't you really like your thesis?
A-- Yeah, I did. Then I got really busy and it was like, "Screw you, project I've been working on for a year." Why?
K-- I was just thinking about your life and what you should do with it.
A-- So... you were thinking about me when you were taking a bath?
K-- I just don't see how you could do anything other than career counseling. I mean, really.

This all happened roughly 15 minutes ago, when I was about to do a blog post about... what did she call it? My life and what I can do with it. (Okay, the post-bathtub dialogue was paraphrased.) Keri and I were talking about everything the other day... existential angst, quarter-life crisis, blah blah blah. (I know, what else is new?) She read somewhere that a great exercise in determining what you want to be when you grow up is listing 100 jobs you'd like to have, no matter how unrealistic or insane. I really wanted to try it. And, as a gratuitous blogger, I figured I would post the list on here.

Problems: 1. I got to 40-something jobs and got stuck. Keri says I'm being too picky. I brought the list to work, since there's no better inspiration for long-term career goals than a day where you make 400 phone calls and don't have a meaningful conversation with anyone. Which leads us to... 2. I'm pretty sure the list is somewhere in the vast pile of papers on my desk. Probably. 3. What the hell, universe? Is this some sort of omen that I decide to do an exercise to uncover my ideal career, and then leave it at my current place of employment? What's your game?

So the post will have to wait until I retrieve the list and finish it properly. I don't want to try to recreate it, since the order in which I thought of jobs would be scrambled and misleading. But for the record, ice cream taster would probably rank around number 8 right now.


  1. I used to think I would like to have a chocolate store. So, I did that. Now I know that I would not like to have a chocolate store (or any other store.) At least I successfully ruled something out :)
    So, the other exercise I've heard of to find your perfect career is that you're supposed to think of what you would do if you had so much money you didn't need to work. And that's what you should do anyway, even though you don't have that much money. (I think that goes along with "do what you love and the money will follow.")

  2. I love it when your blog posts are as much about me as they are about you.

  3. Yeah... I think I would prefer being friends with someone who owned a chocolate store. Does the smell of chocolate make you sick now?