Sunday, April 25, 2010

Remember me?

I will be the first to admit that I fail at having a real job. I mean, why is 40 hours a week so freaking exhausting? I go to work, come home, and it's basically an immediate coma for me.

For the past two weeks I've been on the phone with students. No apps as of yet. (I'm going to be calm and rational about it in the blogosphere and pretend that I haven't been whining to the roommate and boyfriend every single day.) In my group of twelve, ten people have applications and six have met the requirements to graduate from the pod. I, however, find myself settling into my temporary cubicle more and more each day. I know it will happen eventually, I just hate waiting for that "student in a haystack" as one of my coworkers calls it. Honestly, I would probably be much more okay with my lack of apps if half my training class weren't moving on. I love my training class. Everyone is awesome. But now they're all moving on to their real teams and I'll have to move on to mine eventually, too. Lamesauce.

In addition to the work frustrations, Keri and I have had some delightful house drama lately that is hilarious... except that it's also completely distracting and ridiculous. Basically every single family on the block who currently rents has decided they want to buy our house. Family number one backed out after Keri and I were approved for an apartment. Days later another family wanted to take a look. So we're currently in a limbo of looking at places just in case, but not getting terribly invested in the search lest things fall through again. I hate looking for houses. Loathe, actually. You know how you're supposed to compromise with other people so everyone can be happy? I'm having issues finding things I like, let alone factoring in Keri's wish list. And I swear it's harder looking at houses now that we've been living here for a while. Compromise doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm starting to feel that Keri and I might as well get married, because there is no way I'm ever doing this with another human being ever. Too much thought. But if anyone knows of a 2-3 bedroom single family home in the Squirrel Hill area with a dishwasher and laundry... let me know.

My computer is going to die soon. I wanted to post something epic, but for now I will just settle on actually posting anything at all. For next time: students who try to save your soul, inappropriate ringback tones, and how to personalize paper cranes for all your coworkers.

...I really wish I were joking about the soul-saving thing.


  1. Better than students who try to steal your kidneys...

  2. also, it is not 11:31pm, but 2:31am.