Monday, November 2, 2009

I will not flirt with the cute guidance counselor...

I don't know what it is about this week, but I keep meeting with adorable guidance counselors. Two out of three have been married, but still. It's like the admissions gods are giving me a gift every time I walk into a school. Thank you, admissions gods.

This week is delightfully low-key. Today ended at 11:30, and I'm happy to say that I haven't done anything productive since then. (Okay, partial lie. There's a Target Greatland five minutes from my hotel, and I might have purchased an adorable dress for a mere $12. Win!) I decided to veg in my hotel room for the rest of the day. My fabulous boyfriend had a flower basket delivered to my hotel for my birthday, and it contained enough junk food to last me through the evening. (His timing was impeccable: just as I was emailing a friend that I was insanely hungry, but too tired to find food, the basket arrived. Eerie, right?)

With only one month left in roadrunning, I've started to think about the hereafter. The current plan is to move to Pittsburgh with the rest of my graduating class and find a job, any job. But what does this mean for the blogosphere? If I'm not a roadrunner, how can I chronicle my confessions as one? Unless I change the blog title to something like, "Confessions of an Unemployed College Graduate" or "Wait, How Did I Wind Up In Pittsburgh?" or "Seriously, Someone Needs to Give Me A Job." Those are always possibilities. So on a completely unrelated note, if anyone knows of job openings in Pittsburgh for a college grad who will basically do anything as long as it's full time and doesn't involve a jumpsuit...


  1. Confessions of a Former Roadrunner who is now a Desk Sitter?