Wednesday, October 28, 2009

He will not know what all but he do know

Tonight I have a college fair in New Jersey, just twelve minutes outside of Philadelphia. By now even I have become aware of the baseball thing, which means that I will probably talk to two kids all night while the rest of the counselors watch the game on their iPhones. The fair ends at 8:30, which initially made me really happy because Glee doesn't start until 9:00. However, my hotel is 1.5 hours from the fair, giving me just enough time to miss the awkward teacher rapping.

It's probably the rain, but the past two days have been so bleh with my visits. Yesterday, I was waiting at my last school for over half an hour. I didn't have anywhere to be after, but I sat there debating how long I should wait before it became ridiculous. So I finally told them that I had to leave, and then the counselor came out and apologized for forgetting about me. At least she had a good excuse? I had a fair last night, and it was my first time seeing my table fair buddy (TFB) in a while, but he was two tables away and thus unable to entertain me. Instead I was next to a very nice older gentleman who spent most of the night talking up engineering. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I could not think of a less appealing profession for me.

I was supposed to be doing a fair tomorrow night, but admissions politics dictate that the actual rep take my place for this one. Originally I was excited to catch The Office, but then I drove by a sign this morning advertising a local theater's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Guess what I'm doing instead? And they offer discounts to students with a school ID (which I still have, obviously, because next to my Visa it's the most valuable piece of plastic in my wallet) who are 21 or under. Guess who will be only 6 days away from turning 22 as of tomorrow? It's like the gods (or, to be thematically consistent, the mischievous fairies) are smiling on me.

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