Thursday, October 8, 2009

Does becoming a manager make you say stupid things?

Tonight's college fair was not a fruitful one, so around 8:45 I began packing my things. Five minutes later I was racing towards the hotel to see "The Office" because, just in case you live in some tragic black hole, Jim and Pam got married tonight in an hour-long episode. I have admitted before that I looked forward to their wedding more than I probably will my own. They did not disappoint. It was adorable and funny and adorable and OH MY GOD WHY CAN'T I MARRY JIM?! Sorry, we're good. I was getting antsy at the college fair, and a rep to my right was like, "Well, you can just watch it online tomorrow" and I had to try really hard not to make him understand that this was the episode. The one we've been waiting for... the one we've been dreading a little bit because it means that Jim is officially off the market. Fortunately my table buddy was far more supportive and only made me promise not to get a speeding ticket on my way to the hotel.

I actually met with kids today at 3 out of 4 schools! Only one kid apiece, but I really enjoy the one-on-one conversations. I talked to one girl who has this huge life plan to be a famous novelist and then to start an alternative juvenile delinquent program like in "Holes" (only not at all like "Holes"... for an English major, she failed at allusions) so she can work with inner city kids and have programs within the schools, but obviously parents of other kids will have problems with delinquents in the schools, so she would put them in different classes. The Sarah Vowell in me was internally screaming "Separate but equal! Separate but equal! Separate but equal!" Hopefully next year the kid will take U.S. History. I also met a girl at a small prep school whose name is Elizabeth Bennett. And she has a sister named Jane. But it wasn't purposeful. Confession: considering that I have read Pride and Prejudice a kerfillion times (no, spell check, kerfillion is totally legit), a tiny part of me wants five daughters named after the Bennett girls. I get over it quickly when I realize what having five daughters would entail, but that lingering desire will probably stay with me every time I pick up my tattered paperback copy. And as I left that appointment basking in an Austenian glow, I nearly ran into a glass window. In front of an old nun. Who did not have a sense of humor about it. And thought I was an idiot.

What if I had one daughter named Jane Elizabeth Mary Catherine Lydia Bennett (insert last name here)? Too much?

Only three schools tomorrow, and then I'm sleeping in! Fridays are always the toughest: I have zero energy, and I know that I just have to drive two or more hours to get to my house to crash. Hopefully tomorrow will go quickly and I will meet fabulous kids and end the day with a fabulous glass of wine and roughly seven viewings of "The Office."

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