Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whatcha doin'?

It has officially happened. Today, I stopped pretending to do work. I read short stories on The New Yorker website. I logged onto facebook (conveniently, this was as the Big Boss entered the room). I sat and stared out the window. It was during the staring that my immediate supervisor noticed I was without a project and offered me several suggestions, including calling the schools I called two days ago and making sure that the binder I have been poring over for two weeks to make it look like I had an actual task did in fact have all the papers in it that I'll need. Then she patted me on the head and said "we'll think of something." That's right. Reread that sentence. And again. No, not that part. Ah, yes, the patting me on the head like a small child. I would comment... but really, is it necessary?

The fabulous part is that we only had one interview today, and I wasn't allowed to sit in on it. Why? That's a valid question, considering how I just described my seven hour work day. Because I had to sit in with one more interviewer before I could sit in with this particular counselor. They want me to sit with more experienced people first. Fine. So I sat in with the two counselors who have been around for more than five years. Twice. Each. Then I sat in once with a counselor who has been around for a year. But before I can sit in with the counselor who has been around for three months, I need to sit with the second counselor who has been around for a year. Because otherwise who knows what I'll be learning about interviewing.

It's comforting to know that folly prevails. Even in higher education.


  1. Are you even going to be interviewing-interviewing? I got the impression you were doing the more pretty-please-come-to-our-school-interviewing.

  2. At the end of the semester I'll help out with interviews. Depending on the kid, a lot of interviews can be pretty-please-come-to-our-school-interviewing:)