Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm Looking for Baggage That Goes With Mine

The most difficult part of writing this blog is avoiding Suite Life references in the titles of my posts. I guarantee you it will happen eventually, but I'm trying to hold out as long as possible.

I'm back in the hotel, ready for my final week in the office. Well, technically I'll be there for a day and a half next week, but you get the idea. I'm staying here for eight nights, which means I've basically moved into my room. The tricky part is that I won't return to my parents' house for at least three weeks, so I had to pack enough to survive until then. I should probably mention that I am terrible at packing. I want to be prepared for everything, so I don't edit myself when throwing things into the suitcase; furthermore, I'm utterly incapable of folding things to take up minimal space. So let's count how many pieces of luggage I will be taking with me for the next three weeks:
  • One wheelie suitcase containing most of my clothes
  • A duffel bag containing pajamas, tank tops, and shoes
  • A backpack containing my computer, power cords, and various electronic needs, as well as the four books I brought with me
  • A tote bag containing toiletries (obviously I can't use travel-sized items for this job)
  • Two grocery bags: one containing more toiletries, one containing a box of granola bars and a one-pound container of chocolate sprinkles my dad purchased for me... to be honest, I'm not really sure when I'll use them, but it makes me feel like I'm playing Oregon Trail to have various sundries with me, thus sprinkles = win
Four pieces of luggage, plus two makeshift storage containers that are unlikely to survive this leg of the trip. (I'm guessing they'll be taken down by cholera. Or maybe trampled by a wayward ox.) Fortunately I can use this phase of the trip to distribute items better for later... hopefully less clothing will make its way into subsequent hotels. (I realize how that sounds... whatever.)

Well, the time has come for me to mentally prepare for the end of the three-day weekend. Tomorrow's agenda includes harassing schools while barely concealing my jealousy and resentment at their late start date. And maybe some ice cream during lunch.

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  1. Just remember: when you have the option, caulk the wagon and float.